“SCL-International” is the world-wide federation or alliance of national or regional Society of Construction Law (SCL) organisations.


The second “SCL International Medal” will be presented at the 9th International SCL Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2021.  SCLs are hereby invited to nominate a person (or persons). Full details


The national or regional SCL organisations align their respective constitutions - to common objects that seek the promotion and research of construction law – through an SCL Model Constitution.


SCL-International is managed by a representatives from the respective national or regional SCL organisations, referred to as the SCL-International Committee, under a set of guiding Terms of Reference.


SCL International has no membership of itself. Members of national or regional SCLs may register on this website, using a special registration code provided by their national administrator, and access published papers and other resources. If you are already registered, please log in via the form on the left, otherwise you should contact your administrator and then register here.


Any group of persons with an involvement and interest in construction law can establish a new national SCL (subject to the laws of their country) by contacting the SCL-International Coordinator.