Forthcoming events

- - Singapore
This course is designed for practitioners in the construction industry interested in the basic principles of construction law. It will review general rights and obligations of contractors and employers, as well as time, payment, SOP and dispute related issues in construction contracts...
- Singapore
This is Not Another Covid-19 Force Majeure Talk. Join us for a seminar where our speakers Kelvin and Joanna discuss the law behind commonly-seen excuses for not performing the contract. They will discuss clauses which allow the contractor to escape the consequences of not carrying out the contract, including the implications of extensions of time and force majeure clauses and frustration. They will delve into issues such as when is weather “exceptionally” adverse, when is government delay a ground for EOT and who is the “governmental authority”, when do illegal acts justify non-performance, and when does a disease become an “outbreak”— things and factors often encountered in construction projects which have the potential to significantly impact the progress of works. This seminar, which will address issues faced by employers, contractors, consultants, and other professionals, comes at an opportune time, given the increasingly complex and challenging world that we live in. Gain insights into navigating contractual complexities and mitigating risks associated with these challenges.
- - North America
Leveraging off the success of the inaugural conference held in Broomfield, Colorado and Boston MA in 2023, the SCL NA will be hosting the 2024 conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This year's theme is: Vive Les Projets!: Impact Des Projets De Construction Sur Nos Vies Long Live Projects: The Impact Of Construction Projects On Our Lives