Construction Law

The continuing professional Diploma is 6 months in duration and has been developed by Liverpool John Moores University and Knowles A Hill International.

The course is designed to be delivered by distance learning and its aim is to improve the effectiveness of any professional engaged in construction or engineering activity by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the principles governing construction and engineering contracts.  It is envisaged that the course will be of interest to, and relevant for: Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Lawyers and any individual involved in the procurement and/or management of the built environment.

The content for the Diploma course covers Arbitration, Procurement and Contract Claim Preparation. Feedback will be given on the basis of written exercises, assignments and on line tests. It is also envisaged that applicants for the Diploma will have completed the Certificate course first.

Applicants who successfully conclude the course will receive a Diploma of Satisfactory Completion (Please note that this course does not carry formal University credits).

The fee for the Diploma will be £1,500.

Course length: 
6 Months - Continuing Professional Diploma in Construction & Engineering Law